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Learning Music in a music school in Florence: beginners, intermediate, advances courses.

Music in Italy
Music in ItalyTheachers

Michele Marasco
He got a dregree in Flute intrument at the conservatory in Florence, and deepened his knowledge studying in Sweisserland, with Conrad Klemm, and also studied wth A.Nicolet and A.Jaunet. Moreover he studied musical composition with A. Guarnieri and G.Gian Luporini and the studies  of chamber music with F.Rossi.

He played as fist flaute soloist in many important orchestras, as the Opera of Zurig,  the Radio of Lipsia, the theatre of Carlo Felice in Genoa, the Accademy of Santa Cecilia in Rome, the Filarmonica of La Scala, the Filarmonica "A.Toscanini" in Parma, and the ORT – Orchestra of Tuscany.
He player as soloist or in chambers format in prestigious halls as the Carnagy Hall ( New York ), St John’s Smith Squarr ( London ), The Wiener Konzerthaus ( Vienna ), the Verdi Hall in the conservatory of Milan, and in the most important European festivals – Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Ravenna Festival, September Music ( Turin ), and the contemporary music Festivals of Strasburgo and Salisburgo. With the Quintetto a Fiati Italiano  he went on turneè in Israel, France, Great Briain, and United States. He also executed many Prima executions in Italy, United States, Japan, Germany, Austia, Portugal, Mexico, for composers as Berio, Sciarrino, Gentile, Stuppner, Tutino, Cavallari, De Pablo, Donatoni, Benvenuti, Luporini, Enaudi, Antonioni.
He attended some perfection courses in the Internationa Institute of Modena and Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, and seminaries of Flute and chamber music in the university of Valencia and Cincinnati.

He recorded some pieces for RAI ( Italian Radio and Television ) th French Radio, the RTV in Italian Switzerland and Suisse Romande; he was psrt of CDs with Ricordi, Nuova Era Frame, Antes, Capstone, Stradivarius and Diapason ( some important musical labels ).
He also was part, sent by Maurizio Pollini and Luciano Berio, as soloist of the Festival in Salisburgo in 1990, and part of the Pollini Project 2001 in the Carnagy Hall in New York, in 2002 in Tokyo in the  Kioi Hall, and in 2003 in Rome in the new Auditorium in the musical park.

Nicola Mazzanti
Nicola Mazzanti graduated in 1982 from the "Luigi Cherubini" Conservatory of Florence after studying with Sergio Giambi.
He later attended courses and masterclasses with important soloists such as Mario Ancillotti, Aurèle Nicolet, Maxence Larrieu, Emmanuel Pahud and James Galway.
A turning point in his education was the meeting with Raymond Guiot at the Italian Flute Academy in Rome, from which he graduated upon completion of a three-year program.
He also attended two seminars on the interpretation of Bach and Telemann held by Barthold Kuijken.
In 1986, Nicola Mazzanti earned a degree with full marks from D.A.M.S. ( University of Arts and Music) with a thesis in Music History.
His cultural curiousity also led him to explore the historical and scientific aspects of his activity: first of all, the relationship between practice and musical performance and the correct use of the body ( he studied the Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques and attended conventions which dealt with common professional illnesses in musicians). He also pursued the study of physics in the flute's sound production.

Orchestral Experience
Nicola Mazzanti has been the piccolo flute soloist in the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra since 1998; his performance received acknowledgements from conductors such as Mehta, Bychkov, Slatkin, Mata and many others.
In previous years, he played in many important national orchestras: RAI in Milan, ATER in Parma, ADIMOS in Florence, Orchestra Internazionale d'Italia.
A finalist in the European Youth Orchestra (E.C.Y.O.) in 1984, he also played in the Italian Youth Orchestra (O.G.I.)
Between 1992 and 1996, he played as first flute in the Akronos Symphonic Orchestra of Prato.
In 1999, he was invited by Claudio Abbado to play as solo piccolo flute with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra in the opera "Falstaff".
In 2002 he was asked to audition for "solo piccolo flute" in the Berliner Philharmoniker.

Solo Performances and Chamber Music
Nicola Mazzanti performs intensely both as a soloist and with chamber music ensembles in Italy and abroad.
Lately, he has often played music composed by his fellow-citizen Cesare Ciardi and has also performed soundtracks from famous films with the "Nino Rota" trio on an international tour.
In order to diffuse the piccolo flute repertoire, in 2001 he gave a recital for piccolo flute and piano during "Flautissimo", the Italian flute symposium. In 2002, during "Syrinx day" in Rome, he performed "Onivatto" (for piccolo flute and piano) by Raymond Guiot, an italian première.
Nicola Mazzanti has also been invited to perform at the Vienna Flute Festival for the year 2003. On this occasion, he'll play "Il labirinto dell'anima" for piccolo and orchestra of Raffaele Bellafronte, a world premiére.

Teaching Experience
Nicola Mazzanti teaches both flute and piccolo.
Since 1982, he has taught at the "G.Verdi" music school in Prato.
Between 1995 and 2001, he also taught at the "Teodulo Mabellini" school of Pistoia.
He has also held three flute courses for the "Harmonia" association in Florence as well as a piccolo course for the "G. Verdi" school of Prato.
Since 2001, he has held annual courses in piccolo flute at the "Esperienze Musicali" association based in Rovigo and at the Italian Flute Academy in Rome, where he co-operates with both Raymond Guiot and Angelo Persichilli.
In 2002, he was invited to hold masterclassses during both the "Severino Gazzelloni" International Flute Festival in Roccasecca and the "Gazzelloni Days" in Florence.
He also contributes regularly to "Syrinx", the Italian Flute Academy's quarterly magazine, with a column on the piccolo flute, its technique and repertoire.

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